Thursday, January 28, 2010

Japanese Women In Girdles What Is The Japanese Standard Of Beauty For Women?

What is the Japanese standard of beauty for women? - japanese women in girdles

I have many Japanese women posting double-eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, to read, etc., so you are asking yourself what is the basic rule for most of Japan, the beauty and wisdom. Given the long legs, busty blonde in America. What kind of nose, eyes, hair, etc., are "beautiful" or "ideal" in Japan? As to what the high-bridged nose so popular? Can you give me a general idea (and if possible, photographs of features, as we speak)? You can also use your personal opinion. Thank you.


Jorienta... said...

Your question is odd. What is the minimum standard of beauty in your country? This is the position of the United States One One? so close?
And the word "return" is also strange. Is that your idea, but no Japanese. People do not believe that the United States as a reflection of beauty, but a country in the world.

Always compare the approach and the Japanese culture and common sense in the United States. Why not ask the same question in other parts of Asia? They are the people in each country tries to find more.

The high-bridged nose, the nation is not very popular, but some women with very hard for their ugliness get a small operation.

What follows is well known show called Beauty Colosseum.
Photos are here.
Line is expected on the surface of his look and the only change.
However, if you could understand Japanese, you will realize the depth and sad, and she suffered greatly under his ugliness. ... = Z5OIXf12H ... ... ...

Feeling of pain in the hearts of these women. "Beauty" is the theme of people talking earnestly and sincerely in Japan. This is not the norm.

meilin h said...

Yukie Nakama is a perfect example of the ideal of Japanese beauty.

thirdfri... said...

I am loving response J East
Beauty is beauty everywhere

yuta said...

who wants 2-eyelid. or the eyes bigger.
and ad-hoc module, which hangs on the girl, if it is global or not ..

GAL wants to curl darker makeup and hair.
Breasts is also important, I think.

Godfather's Pizza said...

Quote: "Given the long legs, busty blonde in America."

Hmmm ...

I thought he was talking about the standard of beauty?

Which part of North America do you live?

I think you are thinking about what would have been a standard for the people only in North America have existed for over 60 years.

There are a number of beautiful women in Japan with different eyes. Some are big breasts, some do not. Some are great, others not. Smooth skin is a plus, as a rule, because it is everywhere in the world.

justman7... said...

In Japan, the plastic surgery as a practice is far less common than in Western countries.
It was probably much more common, there are twenty or thirty years, the women want men who have seen the advertising and magazines in the Western countries to emulate, too. But I am pleased to say that the ideal for Japanese women in generally never a Japanese woman.
Most of the ads with models focus on Japanese women, while most Western models of "exotic beauty" instead of the ideal.

For Japanese women, historically speaking, the ideal woman as a female figure, naive and children in general (women, please do not angry with me, it comes from the horses mouth (the woman (for me that is) in Japanese)). A large part of the culture is very young teen idol by Western standards this year are barely 10 or 11 years.
Of course there are many kinds of beauty in Japan and this is an element.

I understand the desire to understand the differences and to discover such a different culture.

seamonke... said...

Joriental is right on the mark. Beauty in Japan is basically Nice and the desire to seek, to search together. Fixing mistakes makes them feel better.

In the United States to try to fit models like celebrities. America with their "standards" of beauty has been created in the unhealthy and ugly reality (at heart) people. You created anorexia, addicted to plastic surgery. Who remembers the MTV television series for teenagers, where they are physically (eg, plastic surgery, etc.) seem to be given to your favorite star.

Only now the media is an attempt to keep the girls for the natural beauty. And it proves that promote health and a very good to be healthy.

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